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Biggest state service salaries revealed

Iain Rennie gets $60K pay bump. The biggest earners and the highest risers.

Nick Grant
Thu, 11 Dec 2014

State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie has had a torrid time of it of late but, as revealed in today’s release of State Services Remuneration Disclosure 2013-14, at least he can console himself with a nice wee salary bump of $50-60k during the past financial year from the $560,000 to $569,000 band to $610,000 to $616,000.

There’s a plethora of provisos issued with these figures but, let’s face it, what we most want to know is who gets the fattest pay packets in the state sector.

To that end, the top earning state services CEOS (all receiving more than $500,000) are listed in descending order below by the $10,000 salary bands issues by the SSC, followed by a list of the chief executives who received the biggest salary bump in dollar terms and largest payouts for departing CEOS (see full report here).

This article will be updated as we continue to crunch the numbers.

Coming soon: the names of all the chief executives, so we can really get our envy and/or admiration on in earnest.

RAW DATA: State Services Commission annual remuneration report 2014 (PDF)

Biggest earning state sector bosses

$800,000 to $809,999:

Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation (Adrian Orr)

$660,000 to $669,999

University of Auckland (Stuart McCutcheon)


$650,000 to $659,999

The Treasury (Gabriel Makhlouf)


$640,000 to $649,999

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (John Allen)

$620,000 to $629,999

New Zealand Transport Agency (Geoff Dangerfield)


$610,000 to $619,999

State Services Commissioner (Iain Rennie)

$600,000 to $609,999

Accident Compensation Corporation (Scott Pickering)

$590,000 to $599,999

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Roger Sutton)

Ministry of Social Development (Brendan Boyle)


$580,000 to $589,999  

Solicitor-General (Michael Heron)


$570,000 to $579,999 

Auckland DHB (Ailsa Claire)


$560,000 to $569,999

Canterbury DHB (David Meates)

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (Peter Chrisp)


$550,000 to $559,999

Counties Manukau DHB (Geraint Martin)

Controller and Auditor-General: (Lyn Provost)


$540,000 to $549,999

University of Otago (Harlene Hayne)


$530,000 to $539,999

University of Canterbury (Dr Rod Carr)


$520,000 to $529,999

Waitemata DHB (Dr Dale Bramley)

Inland Revenue Department (Naomi Ferguson)

Callaghan Innovation (Dr Mary Quin)


$510,000 to $519,999

New Zealand Tourism Board (Tourism New Zealand)

Department of Internal Affairs (Colin MacDonald)


$500,000 to $509,999

Hawke's Bay DHB (Dr Kevin Snee)

Southern DHB (Carole Heatly)


$540,000 to $549,999

Massey University (Steve Maharey)

MidCentral DHB (Murray Georgel)


Biggest increases in dollar terms


Auckland DHB: from $390,000-399,999 to $570,000-579,999 (Ailsa Claire)



Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation: from $660,000-669,999 to $800,000-809,999 (Adrian Orr)



Southern DHB: from $390,000-399,999 to $500,000-509,999 (Carole Heatly)



Hawke's Bay DHB: from $430,000-439,999 to $500,000-509,99 (Dr Kevin Snee)



State Services Commissioner: from $560,000-569,999 to $610,000-619,999 (Iain Rennie)

The Treasury: from $600,000-609,999 to  $650,000-659,999 (Gabriel Makhlouf)



Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: from $600,000-609,999 to $640,000-649,999 (John Allen)

Controller and Auditor-General: $510,000-519,999 to $550,000-559,999 (Lyn Provost)

Ministry of Social Development: from $550,000-559,999 to $590,000-599,999 (Brendan Boyle)

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise: from $520,000-529,999 to $560,000-569,999 (Peter Chrisp)

Department of Internal Affairs: from $470,000-479,999 to $510,000-519,999 (Colin MacDonald)

Ministry for the Environment: $400,000-409,999 to $440,000-449,999 (Dr Paul Reynolds)

Te Wananga o Raukawa: from $190,000-199,999 to $230,000-239,999 (Mereana Selby)


Biggest payouts for departing CEOs

Commissioner of Police: $506,060 (Peter Brendon Marshal)

Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force: $220,084 (Lieutenant General Rhys Jones)

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet: $203,625

Ministry of Defence: $203,455

Housing New Zealand Corporation: $200,390

Accident Compensation Corporation: $171,567 (Ralph Stewart)

Deputy State Services Commissioner: $169,107 (John Ombler)

Ministry of Education: $157,523 (Lesley Longstone)

General Manager of the Parliamentary Service: $133,994 (Geoff Thorn)

Families Commission: $123,536 (Paul Curry)

Public Trust: $115,481

Public Trust: $114,587

Wairarapa DHB: $92,241

Western Institute of Technology: $88,231

Aoraki Polytechnic: $77,321

Health Research Council of New Zealand: $71,076

Nick Grant
Thu, 11 Dec 2014
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Biggest state service salaries revealed