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Colin Craig not sure man walked on moon

The Conservative Party leader says he's "sort of inclined to believe" the lunar landings happened but he hasn't had time to look into it.

NBR Staff
Wed, 04 Dec 2013

The leader of New Zealand’s fastest-rising political party, Colin Craig, says he’s not sure man walked on the moon and hasn’t even ruled out conspiracy theories about the 2011 terrorist attacks in the United States.

On a radio show this morning, Mr Craig says he doesn’t have time to look into these matters and it’s not a priority for him – his priorities are making sure New Zealanders have jobs, houses and can succeed.

Less than a year out from a general election, and with National’s coalition partners ACT and United Future having their own issues, the Conservatives are being touted as a potential coalition partner for Prime Minister John Key’s party.

But Mr Craig’s moon scepticism might deter some voters, adding to those who were put off by his comments about young Kiwi women being the most promiscuous in the world.

Asked by RadioLive presenter Marcus Lush this morning if he believes man walked on the moon, he says: “I don’t have a belief or a non-belief in these things. I just don’t know.”

Asked again if he thinks man walked on the moon, he says: “I have no idea, mate. That’s what we’re told. I’m sort of inclined to believe it. But at the end of the day I haven’t looked into it. There are very serious people that question these things. I don’t have to have an opinion on these things, I don’t have time to look into it.”

Asked a third time, Mr Craig says he’s not going to judge something like the moon landings without the facts.

“I think we’ve had too many politicians judge things without the facts. It’s actually not a priority, surely, for me to have a position on these sorts of things when my job is ultimately going to be to fix the issues of New Zealand.”

Mr Lush asked Mr Craig about the Twin Towers of New York, referring to a conspiracy theory that the September 11 terrorist attacks on the New York World Trade Centre towers were staged and an inside job.

The Conservative leader replied he hasn’t had a chance to look at that either, and that US President Barack Obama would look at the original report and hasn’t – something Mr Craig says he should do.

“I know a lot of people do [believe the conspiracy],” Mr Craig says. “I know there was some criticism of the original report, but beyond that I don’t know and it’s not actually something that’s a priority for me.”

On politics, Mr Craig says ACT leader John Banks going to trial is a boon for his party and is significant for the government considering it is reliant on Mr Banks to pass controversial legislation.

Conservatives will stand a candidate in Epsom should there be a byelection, he says.

“John Banks is a pretty gritty sort of a person, he’s been in politics a long time, I think he’s hanging tough at the moment.”

NBR Staff
Wed, 04 Dec 2013
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Colin Craig not sure man walked on moon