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Hallwright went to recording studio after allegedly running over motorist

The daughter of high-profile finance analyst Guy Hallwright says the pair were on their way to a music recording session when the alleged road rage incident happened.

Caleb Allison
Tue, 26 Jun 2012

Guy Hallwright's teenage daughter says her father accompanied her to a recording studio after a road rage incident which left a man with two broken legs and a shattered ankle.

The Forsyth Barr senior analyst is on trial by jury at the Auckland District Court, charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

In September 2010, following a brief exchange with another motorist, Korean man Song Jin Kim at a set of traffic lights, Mr Hallwright allegedly ran him over before driving off.

Mr Kim broke both legs and shattered an ankle, which required reconstructive surgery.

Mr Hallwright’s daughter, Isobel (18), was in the car when the incident happened.

She was being driven to a music studio where she was booked in for a recording session.

Under questioning from Crown prosecutor Ross Burns, she told the court Mr Kim was angrily honking at their car when they were stopped at a set of traffic lights on Symonds St.

They moved off and pulled into a carpark near Galbraiths pub, not far from the recording studio, when Mr Kim’s car slowly passed them.

“At that point, my father pulled the fingers at the other driver.” Mr Kim then stopped his car a short distance away.

“I think [dad] was slightly annoyed. He got out of the car and walked over to the driver’s side of the other car.

“I said, ‘what are you doing? ‘, before he got out of car. The other driver opened his car door a small amount, and my dad pushed the door shut again.

“He came back to our car and turned it on, and started manoeuvring it out of the park.”

At this point, Mr Kim started coming towards Mr Hallwright’s car.

Mr Kim yesterday told the court he was not yelling or using hand gestures, and just wanted to ask Mr Hallwright why he had gone and opened the door of his car.

However, Miss Hallwright says he wasn’t just coming over to have a chat. “He was shouting and walking very quickly, and then when he arrived at the car he slammed his hands down on the bonnet of the car.

“He seemed really angry, red in the face, spit was flying everywhere and his eyes were very wide and angry.

“My dad just sort of sat there, the car was stationary, and I was keeping my eyes on Mr Kim.”

She says Mr Kim kept hitting the front of their car before moving towards the driver’s side, which is when Mr Hallwright inched forward.

“After what seemed like a pretty long amount of time, there was a small bump while we were driving.”

In her original statement to police, Miss Hallwright said: “I think dad panicked and drove off while the guy was still standing at the front of our car, and he hit the guy.”

The pair drove around the corner and stopped again, Miss Hallwright said.

Mr Hallwright then called the police and made an arrangement to get back in touch with them later, as he wanted to get his daughter to the recording session.

Miss Hallwright says her father plays the guitar, and was going to help her record her song.

He took her to the studio and stayed with her while the recording session got under way.

Some time later he got a call from the police and returned to the location of the incident, before returning to the recording studio.

Mr Hallwright and his daughter later went to the police station for questioning.

The trial is proceeding.

Caleb Allison
Tue, 26 Jun 2012
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Hallwright went to recording studio after allegedly running over motorist