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iPhone 5th anniversary – owners by sex and income, 2007 and today

Tue, 03 Jul 2012

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Market researcher ComScore celebrates the iPhone's fifth birthday with an a look at owner demographics in 2007 and today.

It is no surprise the average owner now has a lower household income, given Apple has left older models on the market to effectively create a budget range.

More intriguing is that male/female split (61% to 39% in 2007) has closed to 53% to 47% today.

It could mean the fast-growing world of smart devices is become more gender-equal (and Telecom and Vodafone have told NBR that social media apps are attracting women to iPhones. Don't shoot the messenger).

Or it could mean that more guys are drifting toward Android.

Speaking of Android, its average owner's income must be falling fast.

Here, the impending closure of Telecom's old CDMA network (it shuts July 31) has led to a new wave of budget Androids, with Huawei and HTC (which also makes house-brandphones) featuring strongly.

All three carriers have been shovelling models out the door, with $149 the entry-level price for a no-frills Android.

And although it is early days for Nokia's Windows Phone-based Lumia series, it, too, is making a play for the cheaper seats, with the new Lumia 610, which is selling for $449 (Vodafone only).

Not bad for a smartphone with a 3.7-inch display (the iPhone is 3.5), a 5mP camera, 8GB of memory and GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (stock-standard features today, but which older readers will remember used to cost around $1700 with a Nokia N95 back in 2007. The N95 had a 2.6-inch display. I'll stop now).

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iPhone 5th anniversary – owners by sex and income, 2007 and today