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Kiwis rush for iodine as radiation concerns mount

With one order topping 10,000, Rich Lister's company set to clean up.

Niko Kloeten
Thu, 17 Mar 2011

New Zealanders concerned about possible radioactive fallout from Japan’s nuclear emergency have been urgently seeking an iodide health supplement to potentially combat the effects of radiation.

A leading natural health supplements supplier, Clinicians, said it had received a significant number of calls in the last few days from people wanting to know where they could buy such supplements, and have even received an inquiry to supply an order of 10,000 units of iodine.

Clinicians is part of Douglas Pharmaceuticals, which is owned by the NBR Rich Listed Douglas family.

“People have been requesting it for family and friends either stuck in Japan, on their way out of Japan, and even for Japanese nationals returning home to Japan. Some are simply seeking products in case the fallout reaches NZ ” according to the Clinicians technical support team.

“We’re advising people to consult a health professional if they have any concerns around the possible risks.”

The World Health Organisation has a suggested limit for iodide that would be needed per day for people in an immediately affected area.

This is a far greater dose than any product able to be supplied as a supplement over the counter in New Zealand due to the risks associated with overdosing on iodine.

Clinicians have a lower level iodine supplement in the form of oral drops (at a strength of 250 mcg per drop total iodine).

“Our team will be guided by the Ministry of Health in relation to any concerns around the situation in Japan and its impact on New Zealand.” 

Niko Kloeten
Thu, 17 Mar 2011
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Kiwis rush for iodine as radiation concerns mount