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Mexi-Doug moonwalks for Instant Kiwi

Wed, 02 Jun 2010

DDB has launched a new Instant Kiwi ad – to the tune of the Greatest American Hero theme track, “Believe it or Not”.

Watch the ad here.

It’s a 60-second spot to launch the new look and feel Instant Kiwi tickets, which are kick-arse. (Or so I’m told.)

The spot features a bloke who wins and just can’t resist busting the moves, to the time of the theme music. It also features leaping dolphins and senior citizens (who are not leaping, but instead, sort of half-exploding, half-jetpacking).

DDB ECD Toby Talbot said the ad needed to be a “visual feast” in order to convey the extent of change to the game play for Instant Kiwi.

“We went to town with Rodgers and Hammerstein-style choreography and used the latest in special effects to create shapeshifting footballs, fountain-bound dolphins and exploding senior citizens.”

Mr Talbot said a big musical number with “all the bells and whistles” was called for in order to properly represent the tendency to shed inhibitions prompted by an Instant Kiwi win.

“We deliberately cast a lead who couldn’t dance and then we had really, really good dancers to follow his every move. It was an interesting experiment. On the shoot Daniel [the lead] just freestyled. A favourite move of his we coined ‘the stink finger’. I reckon it’ll catch on.”

The spot was shot in downtown Auckland and produced by film company Good Oil. Look out for a mint cameo by a moonwalking Mexi-Doug.

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Mexi-Doug moonwalks for Instant Kiwi