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Hot Topic Reporting season
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NZ app makes it easy to flick through email. No, really. Stay with me here.

Tue, 16 Apr 2013

I know, I know - most of you would rather stab your own eyes out with a fork than read another article on how to organise your email (sorry, Debbie), or a spiel on yet another app that claims to do it for you.

But Trade Me alumnus Rowan Simpson and his crew at Southgate Labs have created an app that actually does make it quick and easy to trim down your inbox.

Triage does exactly what it says on the tin.

That is, it doesn't replace your email client (such as Gmail. Most popular clients are supported).

Instead, it presents your new email as stack of cards.

You flick a card up to archive it. Or flick it down if you want it to stay in your inbox to deal with later when you open your email proper. You can also use Triage to type short replies.

Simpson says it's a great way to quickly process email during downtime, and he's right.

Triage is available through the iTunes AppStore here for $2.59.

My only moan: why do so many developers still prioritise iPhone when high-end Androids are now selling in equal numbers (and overall, Android is totally dominating the market. I do accept that budget Android handset customers buy fewer apps).

Anyhow, Simpson says Southgate will consider an Android version if Triage is a hit.

From a quick play (it was only released today), I'm guessing that's quite on the cards.

Check out Rowan's blog for some wry backstory.

Postscript: I saw some comments on social media about the lack of a Windows Phone version. I put that to Simpson, who said he would consider licensing the idea to a Windows developer.

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NZ app makes it easy to flick through email. No, really. Stay with me here.