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Hot Topic Reporting season
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NZ Politics Daily: MMP debate kicks into life, at least among elite

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Bryce Edwards
Thu, 30 Jun 2011

The MMP referendum debate is kicking into life - at least at an elite level. Clearly the launch of the anti-MMP Vote for Change organisation is having an impact, if only to galvanise the pro-MMP proponents into action. In this regard, the Dom Post’s Vernon Small puts a case for retaining MMP in his article, Voting system lobbyists still boxing at shadows. He thinks the status quo is working fine, and that the ‘tail wagging the dog’ argument against MMP doesn’t add up:

‘The history of the Alliance, NZ First, ACT and now the Maori Party is that policy gains are mostly moderate, often popular, and that the tail often gets wagged to death – or flies apart under the stresses of being down the back end of the government’. Not surprisingly Small reckons that the Supplementary Member (SM) system will eventually become MMP’s main challenger option in the referendum. Small says, however, that ‘SM is a quack remedy for a system that is not ailing’, because ‘while SM can claim to be a partly proportional, the proportionality is a fig leaf on a FPP system. It is a counterfeit, four-flushing, phoney option for a true proportional system’. And if you want to read the pro-MMP repudiations of the Vote for Change arguments, you could check out Andrew Geddis’ comprehensive Pundit blog post, You can Vote for Change ... but why?.

The other sharp legal mind to follow during the referendum debate is Graeme Edgeler, who can be sure to fastidiously correct even the most minor technical inaccuracy presented during the debate. Check out his Referendum Fact Check #1. Selwyn Manning of Scoop can also be relied upon to get to the bottom of all the electoral system points of view – and he does that today in his lengthy 16-page online story, MMP Or SM? A Big Decision Looms For New Zealand Voters. There’s also a very good editorial in the ODT about political finance – see: Another dip in our pockets.

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Bryce Edwards is a lecturer with the Department of Politics at the University of Otago. He blogs at

Bryce Edwards
Thu, 30 Jun 2011
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NZ Politics Daily: MMP debate kicks into life, at least among elite