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Telecom launches (mostly) free mobile Facebook

Wed, 26 May 2010

In partnership with Facebook, Telecom is sponsoring a new site,, that offers mobile access to the social network with zero data charges.

Vodafone told NBR it doesn’t have any similar arrangement in the works.

I’ve just logged onto my Facebook account by accessing using a Nokia E72 on XT (see above).

It’s a capable “lightweight” version of the social network.

My only issue: I soon had the itch to download a photo someone had posted.

But if you do download a pic, or otherwise stray from’s text-only options, you get a warning messaging saying that "standard data charges may apply".

A Telecom rep confirmed that they do.


For a persuasive offering that would make people hop networks, they’d need to throw in the multimedia too.

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Telecom launches (mostly) free mobile Facebook