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Trade Me launches Rummage

PLUS: Facebook ads will soon follow you around the web | Fake customer reviews on Amazon.

Tue, 27 Nov 2012

Trade Me has today launched, a "new visual searching and browsing" site.

Rummage pulls images from Trade Me Gallery listings and is designed to be mobile as well as PC friendly.

Trade Me worked with two Californian entrepreneurs, Matt Inouye and Eugene Otto, to create the new site.

The pair have previously used eBay's API to create

Trade Me head of strategy Mike DelPrete told NBR the Rummage guys got no special level of access to the API (application programming interface).

It will be interesting to see this inspires other developers to have rummage, so to speak, with the API..

And will Rummage get integrated into Trade Me proper?

"This is designed as an experiment, really. I'm expecting it will influence our future products, including the core site and mobile apps, based  on the feedback and how people use it," DelPrete says.

Facebook ads will soon follow you around the web
Facebook has confirmed an external ad network is coming, Gigom notes.

Ads could be served on a model similar to Google AdSense (the service that sees Google AdWords served to third party sites, as anyone struggling to find the first sentence of a Stuff article is now aware).

A logical first candidate is Instagram, recently bought by Facebook, but if the social network follows Google's model, you can expect ads booked through Facebook to turn up all over the show.

Fake customer reviews on Amazon? Never
The New York Times' David Pogue reckons multiple reviews of this banana slicer on Amazon are fake (click screenshot to enlarge):

You be the judge, readers.

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Trade Me launches Rummage