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UPDATED: The new NBR ONLINE: what you need to know

UPDATE: A filter problem is blocking a lot of legitimate comments from readers.

Fri, 24 Oct 2014

UPDATE / Fri Oct 24: Our comments are working again. Earlier today, NBR ONLINE had an issue with its spam filter. This means a lot of legitimate comments are being blocked even if the reader types in the "captcha" code correctly. The situation has now been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.


UPDATE / Wed Oct 23: Thanks for all the positive feedback on NBR ONLINE's new look, and new features.

Unfortunately — or perhaps inevitably, as upgrades go — there have also been a couple of bloopers and complications.

We're still waiting to get our daily and weekly emails back on line but. Hopefully normal service will resume on that front today [UPDATE: they restarted late Wednesday].

There have also been a few problems for people on IP or organisation-wide subscriptions. These are being worked through; if you're still having any issues, drop a line to email

Some of you have also noticed our search engine hasn't been indexed for the most recent stories yet, and our top five best read stories list has been a little static.

We're also having a couple of RSS feed issues. And our October 17 print issue got inadvertently munched from the current print issue and archive section during the transition.

But we're almost there. Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for bearing with us.

OCT 18: The new NBR ONLINE is here. Thanks for your patience as we've been offline most of Saturday to facilitate the upgrade.

I’ll get to the new features shortly, which include a much faster site with a cleaner design, a new mobile-only subscription, a better smartphone and tablet experience, the print edition immediately available online for print subscribers and new personalisation options.

It's an upgrade that puts readers in control, with more options to read NBR's print or online edition when you want and how you want.

First, here’s what you need to know:

  • Our email newsletters will be on hiatus over our upgrade weekend but will return on Monday
  • You do need to log on again.

Here's where  to log on:

If you're on a mobile, it that hamburger symbol top right, then scroll down to log in.

If you can’t remember your password, click this prompt:

If you’re still stuck, email

The key features of the new NBR ONLINE are:

1. A cleaner, more modern look.

Don’t panic about where to find stuff: it’s all in the same place, or close to it; it’s just that now there’s less clutter inbetween.

You'll see our new article page is less cluttered too, with less to distract you:

2. Speed. We've heard your feedback. The current NBR ONLINE is not the fastest site on the planet. The good news is that our partners, Sparks Interactive and Webdrive, have done a lot of under-the-bonnet stuff to make the site load faster. Our last upgrade was incremental. The new NBR ONLINE has been rebuilt from the ground up. That means leaner, more efficient code – and it’s all powered by a brand-spanking new web server setup. Long story short, NBR pages will appear on your screen much more quickly.

3. A better mobile experience. The new NBR ONLINE is a “responsive” site. That's web developer-speak for the fact it automatically reformats to best fit your screen whether you’re viewing it from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The responsive design will adapt to your display whether you're using an Apple, Android or Windows smart device.

Here's a preview of how it will look on an iPad ...

... and on an iPhone:

When you're on a smartphone, click that three-lined hamburger symbol top right and menu options will unfurl:

4. A new mobile-only subscription option. It’s keenly priced at $90 a year (which works out to $7.50 a month). Two-thirds of New Zealand’s 500 largest organisations have business subscriptions to NBR ONLINE that allow all staff to access the site when in the office. Our new mobile-only sub offers an easy option for after hours, weekends or whenever you're on the go. It will work with smartphones, but not tablets. Subscribe here.

5. MyNBR: New personalisation options. By clicking on the tags at the bottom of a story, you’ll be able to build a list of people, companies, and shares that you want to follow, then access a personalised stock portfolio and newslist from our new MyNBR section. Key word email alerts for the companies and people you follow are on the way. We’ve also made it easier to Verify yourself. Make sure you leave your company or organisation name because soon they'll be the option to display that alongside your article comments.

Scroll to the end of an article on the new NBR ONLINE, and you'll see several tags – those little grey boxes feature the names of various people and companies mentioned in a story: 

Click on one of the tags to see more stories on that topic, or hit one of those "+" symbols beside a tag to add it to your personalised MyNBR news feed.

Next, head to the MyNBR dashboard (from the link top right of our home page, where you logged in) and you see your one-stop shop for updating your personal details, managing your story tags ...

... and create your own list of NZX-listed stocks to follow:

Jump in and have a go. It's easy. And soon you'll be able to receive optional email alerts if one of the companies you've got tagged is mentioned in an article — so get building that watchlist.

As with any upgrade, there will be a few wrinkles. Do let us know, via and we'll try to iron them out as soon as possible.

The team at NBR and our website upgrade partners Sparks Interactive are really excited about this upgrade. 

We hope you find the new NBR ONLINE faster, easier and more convenient, and more useful in your work.

This is just the beginning.

We'll be rolling out more enhancements over the next few weeks.

And we've got a major new service coming for our member subscribers in the New Year.

Stay tuned for more details.

Chris Keall,
Technology Editor | Head of Digital

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UPDATED: The new NBR ONLINE: what you need to know