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US primaries: UPDATED Cruz cruises, Sanders soars in Wisconsin

Donald Trump's defeat makes a brokered convention more likely for the Republicans.

Nevil Gibson
Thu, 07 Apr 2016

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders both achieved comfortable wins in the Wisconsin primaries that will reboot their presidential nomination campaigns.

In the Republican contest, runner-up Donald Trump, with just over a third of the vote, now stands little hope of garnering the 1237 delegates needed in future primaries to avoid a brokered convention in July.

Mr Trump picked up only six of the 42 delegates on offer and his lead over Mr Cruz has narrowed after he garnered 36.

Third-placed John Kasich didn't add top his delegate tally but continued to make a strong showing as the spoiler. He will likely continue to do so when the next primaries are held in a fortnight.

These include New York, one of the biggest states with nearly delegates at stake.

In the two-way Democratic race, Mr Sanders held off Hillary Clinton to score his seventh win in the last eight contests.

The Democrats had 96 delegates at stake, allocated proportionally in four kinds.

Though having a similar profile to the neighbouring Ohio and Michigan states, Wisconsin has fewer minority voters and is considered to have a more liberal and wealthier population.

This worked in favour of Messrs Sanders and Cruz, while Mr Trump still found plenty of support among the lower-paid.


(97% reporting)

Cruz 48.4% Delegates: 517
Kasich 14.1% Delegates 143
Trump 35.0%Delegates: 743
Needed to win: 1237

(97% reporting)

Clinton 43.3% Delegates 1274 (plus 469 super delegates)
Sanders 56.4% Delegates 1025 (plus 31 super delegates)
Needed to win: 2383

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Nevil Gibson
Thu, 07 Apr 2016
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US primaries: UPDATED Cruz cruises, Sanders soars in Wisconsin