The collapse of a cliff into the sea near Sumner produced dramatic pictures and panic, but thankfully caused no injuries (@ldaviesonenews)

Big Christchurch shake as anniversary of Feb 2011 looms

Sun 14 Feb 2

Big scare followed by relief as emergency services report no major injuries or property damage.

Chorus chief executive Mark Ratcliffe

EARNINGS PREVIEW: Two keen points of interest in Chorus' first-half result

With special feature audio: ForBar analyst Blair Galpin's on Chorus' prospects for Friday, and further ahead.

Carl Icahn

Kiwi dam busters, hostile takeovers, share buy backs and innovation


Innovation is, unfortunately, often an orphan. With special audio feature.

Steven Joyce

Manuka honey’s mana-enhancing properties

Our usually intractable critic of Steven Joyce’s economic development strategies finds something to like in an MBIE report. With special audio feature.

James Shaw

Greens pick wrong man as ‘expert’ TPP critic

Last week Green co-leader James Shaw evaporated my support. With special audio feature.

In my street, Chorus UFB fibre is strung over power poles. The first step involved getting the fibre cable from pole to the top of the house

Diary of a UFB install

Chris Keall on getting fibre — and the latest on the painful wait times in store for others. With special audio feature.

Bastille Day: Celebrating rioters busting into a prison and rescuing seven prisoners…

Thoughts on a quite strange Waitangi Day


If you think our national day is weird, just look at overseas for comparison.


MYOB is no dodo but it’s still playing catch-up to Xero


Xero launched with a cloud-that sent shivers up MYOB’s spine – but now it’s fighting back with new products.

Dan Slevin

Ignore Buffett at your peril

Giving away content online is a formula for failure. With special audio feature.

The Leaders Building, on the corner of Featherston and Brandon streets in Wellington

Blame the architects for the building my company is about to destroy


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Blame the architects for the building my company is about to destroy

Is the majority of the work by NZ’s commercial architects indeed “a disgrace”?

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Conflict questions linger over FCB's Massey Uni win

Should it be compulsory to inform all parties to a procurement process of potential conflicts of interest?


Fitzroy Engineering business development manager Mark Arnold

Underwater restaurant venture leads to new possibilities

A New Plymouth engineering company is exploring further sites for potential underwater restaurant. With special audio feature.