"It doesn’t feel to me like that it is under control at the moment," - Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings on the Ebola outbreak

Ebola could have 'big consequences' for Fonterra – CEO

Sun 26 Oct 2

Spierings sees possible $150m revenue hit. Also discusses Chinese buying farm land, and whether NZ has reached "peak cow".

When I went to Sunday school personal responsibility and keeping your word was a big part of Christian teaching. That, too, must have changed.

God’s will triumphs over Saturday job

Sat 25 Oct 2

We have become a nation of crybabies, says Rodney Hide. Exhibit A: Mark Meulenbroek.

Bryan Gould

Gould to accelerate Labour’s suicide mission

Sat 25 Oct

Matthew Hooton on the strange choice to head Labour's review panel.

Charlotte Bellis and Ruth Wynn-Williams at the Ellerslie Season launch

NBR People Scene: Ellerslie season launch

Sun 26 Oct

Latest galleries from Norrie Montgomery.

Xero a dilemma for growth investors

Sat 25 Oct

Shoeshine on Xero.

Donal Curtin

Book extract: The Piketty Phenomenon, New Zealand Perspectives: Why the fuss?

Sat 25 Oct 2

The debate over inequality has been ovedone, writes Donal Curtin.

Our fixation of property as an investment is not healthy

Sat 25 Oct 2

An "investor" sells his land in South Auckland for over $40 million. 

X3: The driving experience is more impressive than ever

Stylish high-tech BMW X3 comes with concierge

Sat 25 Oct

Here’s a problem I’m having more and more these days: am I evaluating a car or the high technology and connectivity that comes with it?

Thomas Eric Duncan at a wedding in Ghana

Don’t cough on me

Sat 25 Oct 1

The truth about Ebola.

Chris Bougen

What you need to know about the Overseas Investment Office

Sat 25 Oct

OPINION NZ's foreign direct investment regime is the seventh most restrictive in the OECD. Yet the OIO is routinely accused of being little more than a rubber stamp.

NBR People Scene: RJB Fashion show at the Foodstore

Sun 26 Oct

Latest galleries from Norrie Montgomery.

Andrew Little (TV3)


Fri 17 Oct 48


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