Danny Chan

NBR RICH LIST 2016: The Newcomers

A record number of newcomers reflect the way New Zealand society is changing, with a mix of ethnic backgrounds represented. With special feature audio.

From left: Duncan Bridgeman, Owen Poland and Andrew Patterson

NBR RICH LIST 2016 Podcast Special

In a feature-length special fronted by Andrew Patterson, NBR Radio brings you an in-depth look into this year’s NBR Rich List, including interviews with Rich Listers, philanthropists, property experts and wealth managers. 

Sam Morgan

NBR RICH LIST 2016: The business of giving - how NBR Rich Listers are helping out

One characteristic New Zealand’s Rich List philanthropists tend to share is they shun the limelight. With special feature audio.

Dame Rosie Horton

NBR RICH LIST 2016: Top ten philanthropists

As part of this year’s Rich List, NBR has selected 10 of our most important philanthropists. With special feature audio.

Graeme Hart

NBR RICH LIST 2016: Graeme Hart’s wealth tumbles

Graeme Hart may still be New Zealand’s richest man but his fortune took a hit this year amid concern over some of his debt-heavy businesses. With special feature audio.

Michael Bloomberg

NBR RICH LIST 2016: Making a big difference

Michael Bloomberg says he always respects those who try to change the world for the better, rather than just complain about it. With special feature audio.

Mary Quin

Quin defends Callaghan tenure

Thu 28 Jul 8

Mary Quin leaves Callaghan this Friday after resigning three weeks ago in an unsignalled move. An insider says the agency needs a "visionary" leader not a "capable manager".

Capital Economics chief New Zealand and Australian economist Paul Dales

What’s the next step for the Reserve Bank of Australia?

Low inflation figures make a rate cut “a done deal” says one economist – but not all so sure. With special feature audio.

Trump during the Florida press conference

Trump encourages Russian hackers to release Clinton emails

Auckland Council director of regulatory services Penny Pirrit (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Suburban intensification and sprawl outside city boundary - Unitary Plan

Banking & Finance

Trustpower chief executive Vince Hawksworth

Trustpower loses Supreme Court tax dispute

UPDATE: Trustpower 'very disappointed' with the result. With special feature audio.