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Labour's woes: months of bloodletting lie ahead

Labour Leader David Cunliffe speaks to the media at a pre-caucus press conference at the Labour Leaders Lounge (@radioNZ)

Some acting experience an advantage but not required

Dr Brian Edwards

There’s some truth to the ‘but’ that lies at the back of so many people’s minds; the ill-defined but nagging doubt as to whether David Cunliffe is a man you can trust.

The agony and the agony: press pack goes mental during Labour's 7.5-hour caucus meeting

Labour wins: at least in terms of the longest caucus meeting in living memory

UPDATE: Marathon meeting wraps up, Cunliffe promises independent review.

UPDATED: Official Assignee to oppose lifting Serepisos's bankruptcy

Terry Serepisos (TV3)

The arrest throws into doubt whether the developer will be discharged as a bankrupt next month


Nicky Hager

ASK ME ANYTHING: Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

What next for labour reform under National government?

Simpson Grierson senior associate Rebecca Rendle

Outrageous casting call for prequel

Grant Bowler as Wolf West in Outrageous Fortune

NZ POLITICS DAILY: September 23 2014

Bryce Edwards

NBR Business Pulse

Is the Official Assignee right in opposing Terry Serepisos’ automatic discharge from bankruptcy?
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