Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Air NZ’s CHRISTOPHER LUXON opens up on competition and declining earnings

The airline's head talks to Andrew Patterson on Sunday Business. With special feature audio.

Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business & Week in Review


Air NZ CEO Christopher Luxon joins Andrew Patterson on Sunday Business. A record annual result and the role innovation continues to play.

Grant Spencer: His turn to mix with global central bankers

ORDER PAPER: Nightmares and myths of Jackson Hole

Getting debt levels down has a higher priority than interest rate cuts. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key

ON THE OTHER HAND: The Vancouver opportunity

A land tax on foreigners: What is John Key waiting for? With special feature audio.

Helen Kelly: The terminally ill campaigner appears to have won the debate

Cannabis reform needed but please cut the crap

Former Council of Trade Unions boss Helen Kelly has catalysed a renewed push for cannabis liberalisation. With special feature audio and video.

Winston Peters kingmaker

King’s gambit turns rump into trump

King Tuheitia Paki is calling for Maori to have a share in New Zealand’s sovereignty by 2025. With special feature audio: Rodney Hide says John Key will lose the next election.

Trustpower chief executive Vince Hawksworth

SHOESHINE: How Trustpower’s jam sandwich tastes


Trustpower’s split into a largely New Zealand-based utility and a largely Australia-based windfarm developer is certain to cost shareholders up to $90 million.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown

ON THE MONEY: Taniwha tax lurks in unitary plan


Cultural impact assessments have disappeared in principle but not in practice.

Soccer shocker: beIN won't launch standalone streaming service in NZ

Sky TV delivers the bad news: The Al Jazeera-owned broadcaster, which paid more than $12 million for NZ rights to the EPL, has squandered its online opportunity. With special feature audio.

Rod Oram

BOOK EXTRACT: Three Cities: Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene


Business journalist Rod Oram examines what fundamental changes need to be made – and how – if “ten billion people are going to live well on this planet in 2050.”

Paul Matthews
Matt Nippert: His Facebook page has him unironically photographed with a cigarette fetchingly a-droop in his mouth

MEDIA WATCH: Matt’s smokin’ gun fluffs puff test

So-called unethical investments can lead to terrible editorial contortions. With special feature audio.

People could read their newspapers as they go as they did in their busing days. Today, though, it’s more likely they will be reading their mobile or Kindle

Ride-sharing catalyst for more autonomous vehicle development


This week two carmakers announced strategic partnerships with tech companies, designed to further their respective autonomous vehicle development programmes. With special feature audio.

Mike Joy

The true cost of wadeable rivers


The water contamination scandal in Havelock North has had an untold cost on the people and economy of the region.

Air New Zealand B767 at Auckland Airport

Carry on: Air NZ farewells B767, upgrades business cabins and more

The business travel news wrap also includes the world's longest budget flights. With special feature audio.

Dominos' public relations-delivery unit

Dominos' drone delivery trial is PR BS

Fracking and health

Craig Hall (Thomas) and Moragna O'Reilly (Vanda) discussing aspects of Venus in Furs

Sex, lies and playscripts


MYOB shares plunge as investors eye Bain Capital's next move

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