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NBR Rich Lister Neil Graham takes $10 million bath as Wheedle closes

Neil Graham receiving the Insignia of an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to business and philanthropy from Govenor General Sir Jerry Mateparae in Sept 2013

What went wrong? Even more than you're aware.

Silent T

David Farrar

Herald on David Cunliffe – the political years

BEST OF THE WEEK: Ten questions for Cunliffe and Parker on asset buyback policy

David Cunliffe and David Parker

Some of NBR ONLINE's top weekday content unlocked for Weekend Review.

BEST OF THE WEEK: Could TV3’s reporting prejudice case against Malaysian diplomat? Experts weigh in

Barrister Felix Geiringer

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NBR Business Pulse

Which Indonesian presidential candidate will be better for NZ's economy?
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Should there be limits on how much property foreign funds can buy in New Zealand?
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