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Election 2014: The 'Big Reveal' shows more, and less, than expected

'The Moment of Truth' - Kim Dotcom, Glen Greenwald, Laila Harré and US human rights lawyer Robert Amsterdam (TV3)

Berry company OOB wins ice-cream contracts in China

Omaha Organic Berries ice cream

Victoria Park ownership shrouded in mystery

Some of the new shop and stallholders at Victoria Park Market

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Moment of Truth and GCSB

Bryce Edwards

Dotcom's 'Moment of Truth': cheers, cringes, no bombshell

Snowden beams in from Russia

Disturbing allegations, and moments of inadvertent comedy, at Kim Dotcom's "bombshell" rally at Auckland's Town Hall. PLUS: Snowden claim two NSA bases in NZ | Top tweets | Poll shows close race in Internet Mana's must-win electorate. UPDATED

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