Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce on The Nation

Joyce on new push to attract foreign investors

Sun 5 Jul 18

Tenants in our own land? Minister for Everything puts new proposal to cabinet to attract more foreign money – including from China.

Pebbles Hooper (More FM)

On the tragic deaths of a mother and three children – a dissenting view

Sun 5 Jul 14

A profound lack of compassion and human decency beggars belief.

Highlife Winter Social


NBR PEOPLE SCENE: Also includes The Kea 2015 World Class New Zealand Awards, Vodafone Warriors Ladies Invitation - Exclusive Bendon Lingerie Shopping Night and The Sir Peter Blake Leadership Awards.

Grant Walker

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With broadcasters John Stewart and Grant Walker. Plus intereviews and special feature content.

An artist's impression of the Skypath

Brewer sounds warning over SkyPath

Councillor says usage targets are "pie in the sky stuff." Ratepayers will have to foot the toll shortfall.

Wanted men: Hammond, Clarkeson and May

Netflix, Hulu, ITV in race to sign Top Gear trio

Sun 5 Jul 1

An old media vs new media contest for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Our Health Minister: sponsored by Coca Cola

Sun 5 Jul 3

Gareth Morgan on the soft drink tax.

Milford Asset Management Executive Director Brian Gaynor

A low water mark in fund management

If fund managers were like lab rats, performance fees should be a good idea.


Tim Hunter talks about his latest column on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Hayley Holt (TVNZ)

Hayley Holt Green MP?

Sun 5 Jul 5

She dances, she writes about Karl Marx — she's the whole package.

Boom then bust

‘Panic’ as Shanghai Composite tumbles, again

Sat 4 Jul 4

Main Chinese share market has fallen by a third since June 12. What it means for NZ.

Colin Craig having a sauna session with David Farrier (TV3)

Conservatives should look to Greens’ model


John Key is the big winner from the Conservative Party meltdown.


Matthew Hooton discusses his latest column on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

NZ First deputy leader Ron Mark on The Nation

No division over NZ First deputy leadership, Mark says

Sat 4 Jul

Ron Mark on his elevation to the deputy's role and what it means for the future of NZ First.

Briscoe Group managing director Rod Duke

Duke rides into town but Kathmandu is a tall mountain to climb


Some are calling it hostile; some say it’s opportunistic.


Milford Asset Management analyst Victoria Harris talks about the Briscoes takeover of Kathmandu on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

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