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Browser wars: who's using what at NBR, Trade Me, Geekzone

Google's Chrome has moved ahead of long-time browser champ Microsoft Internet Explorer in a couple of international surveys. Here's how the rival browsers stack up closer to home.

Sat, 02 Jun 2012

A couple of international surveys have shown Google's Chrome web browser edging ahead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) - the long-time market leader (helped by the fact it arrives with Windows and many use it by default).

Others still show IE still a nose ahead. A spokeswoman for Google said it doesn't make any market share claims for its browser.

Here's how things stack up closer to home at a selection of three sites: NBR, representing a business audience; Trade Me, with its mass membership that's a good analogue for New Zealand as a whole; and Geekzone, home of early adopters who can be indicative of future trends.

Figures are from Google Analytics and Nielsen NetRatings (which, incidentally, return very similar browser stats). The balance to 100% is made by a number of sub-2% browsers including Opera.

NBR (May)
1. Internet Explorer: 52.49%
2. Google. Chrome:  20.14
3. Mozilla Firefox: 15.84%
4. Apple Safari:  8.64

Trade Me (April)
1. IE: 44% (IE9 = 49% / IE8 = 40% / IE7 = 10%)
2. Chrome: 19%
3. Safari: 17%
4. Firefox: 16%

Geekzone (March)
1. IE: 32.12%
2. Chrome: 28.28%
3. Firefox 26.23%
4. Safari: 10.05%

In Geekzone's after hours' traffic, Chrome does edge ahead - perhaps a reflection of the fact some members are restricted to IE at work. See more figures in Mauricio Freitas' state-of-the-browsers blog here.

Chrome's gain seems to have been at Firefox's expense. The Mozilla Foundation's browser - once seen as the primary challenge to IE, has now faded from the mainstream.

Check out some iPhone vs Android mobile stats for each site here.

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Browser wars: who's using what at NBR, Trade Me, Geekzone