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Kim Dotcom's US lawyer goes on a PR offensive

Another dash of crazy to end another Kim Dotcom day.

Wed, 25 Jan 2012

UPDATE (Warning! For Kim Dotcom completests only): A number of readers have noted the giant giraffe statues at Dotcom Mansion (between the trees on the left in the photo below; click to enlarge).

The popular take is that they're yet another one of the giant German's japes. But in fact, an NBR veteran informs me, the giraffes were a gift from Chrisco co-founder Richard Bradley to his wife Ruth.

One of Mr Dotcom's attorney's in the US, Ira Rothken, seems to have kicked off a bit of a PR campaign.

Earlier today, Mr Rothken told high-profile tech site Ars Technica that Kim's Megaupload is "Just like YouTube."

The US Department of Jusice indictment seems to have anticipated this one.

It points out that Megaupload allowed a user to watch 72 minutes of a movie - which in many cases the DoJ alleges were pirated. Of course, most movies are longer than that; Megaupload users had to pay to see the rest.

A tank appears at Dotcom Mansion
Meanwhile... there was another dash of crazy to end another Kim Dotcom day.

A few minutes ago, around 6.30pm, a neighbour contacted NBR to say a tank has appeared outside the German giant's rented Coatesville mansion.

It could be a message to media, and the world at large; it could be part of what appeared to be party preparations at the house today (presumably in hope of a successful bail bid).

Military types, feel free to leave a comment identifying the military vehicle - or prop - in question [UPDATE: the Twitter consensus on the photos below: it's an inflatable].

Possibly, like the emails to neighbours revealed this morning, it's another example of Mr Dotcom's Teutonic sense of humour.

Escape from New Zealand
Lastly, my eyebrows were raised by Judge David McNaughton's comment, as part of his rationale for denying bail, that Kim Dotcom could access forged travel documents.

The defendant is 2 metres tall (six foot six inches) and weighs a reported 130kg (which seems a conservative estimate).

It would take more than a forged passport to get him through Customs.

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Kim Dotcom's US lawyer goes on a PR offensive