NBR Radar is about showcasing clever Kiwi companies making their mark on the world

With Covid-19 affecting businesses and people worldwide, NBR decided to revisit the smart companies interviewed in the summer of 2017/2018 to see how they have fared. We’re calling it Radar Revisited.

Some of the individuals associated with those 24 companies have moved on but we have talked to their new leaders. Some of the companies on our Radar are already well-known and others are quiet achievers, some have been in business a good while, others are just a few years into the race. They all have an X-factor that stands out from the crowd. Entrepreneurial ventures are not for the faint-hearted and we wanted to share their journeys with you – how their innovation, doggedness and sheer hard work got these companies to where they are today.

We hope you enjoy watching and reading their stories as much as we have enjoyed telling them.

The Stories