NZX chief financial officer Graham Law seeks protection from black swans.

NZX plans for 'black swans' and growth

Mon 28 May 3

Analysis: Is swapping bank debt for subordinated notes diversification?

Mayor Phil Goff's advocacy for a stadium is full of holes.

Council can’t be trusted on stadium debate

Fri 25 May 19

Analysis: Hiding and fudging the truth is not the way to win public confidence.  

Council of Trade Unions national president Richard Wagstaff describes the NZ Bus contract as “a new benchmark in Auckland on wages and work practices for the industry.”

The magic of markets (and why fair pay awards aren't needed)


Analysis: Shutting bus drivers out of negotiations to fix their wages has unleashed forces in the labour market. 

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is keen to harness the experience of companies such as Air New Zealand in raising labour productivity.

How government can engage with business

Fri 25 May 2

Opinion: The Coalition government has dropped the word “growth” from its predecessor’s business agenda and has replaced it with “partnership.”

Westpac economist Anne Boniface says “We expect annual net migration to continue to fall in the coming years."

Testing budget’s 3% growth target


Slowing net migration gains and retail sales are challenging GDP forecasts.

Council of Trade Unions secretary Sam Huggard says the Provincial Growth Fund "has an express mandate to contribute to a just transition to a low carbon economy."

'Just transitions’ also needed for business

Fri 25 May

Opinion: A casual observer might be forgiven for thinking this is a new phrase. Watch Grant Walker interview Phil O'Reilly.