Post-election 2017 analysis

Grant Walker analyses the coalition announcement with Dr Bryce Edwards, Jennifer Curtin, Rob Hosking and Nevil Gibson.

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Although liberal-leaning New Zealand Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree after New Zealand First opted to form a coal. (Oct 17)

Well, we survived. (Oct 17)

A row over ministerial positions is the cause of the delay in New Zealand First leader Winston Peters announcing whether his party will support National or Labour. (Oct 17)

It's all over, bar the doubting. (Sep 28)

Order Paper: Election 2017 will probably be remembered as the end of the first MMP era. What will a post-Winston MMP era will look like? (Sep 28)

The NZ First leader spent the vast majority of his press conference insulting reporters. (Sep 27)

The Property Institute says the election impact on the property market can already be largely predicted despite coalition negotiations under way. (Sep 27)

Electoral Commission releases booth-by-booth data, allowing you to see how people in your neighbourhood voted. (Sep 27)

Opinion: Rodney Hide says the electoral system makes winners of losers. (Sep 27)

Political Roundup: It’s not only the media and party co-leaders expressing regret about the Maori Party’s demise. (Sep 27)

Both Paula Bennett and Kelvin Davis say they would be prepared to let Winston Peters become the Deputy Prime Minister. (Sep 26)

For many, perhaps most, of the Green Party members, all the rhetoric about climate change being the paramount issue of our time is so much, well, hot air. It is a stick to beat the evil Tories with. (Sep 26)

The Greens must turn away from the politics of can't and toward the politics of hope by allying with National. (Sep 26)

ACT leader David Seymour says the party’s 0.5% was a frustrating election result. (Sep 25)

The Labour leader says she expects to contact NZ First over the next couple of days. (Sep 25)

The Labour rout leaves Maori without an independent voice in Parliament. (Sep 25)

And is it a realistic option? (Sep 25)

If Winston Peters chooses the cross benches option, will this Parliament last until 2020? (Sep 25)

"We need more rich pricks to step up and say we care." (Sep 24)

Why the NZ First leader is more likely to go with National than a red-green-black coalition. (Sep 24)

"I won't be giving any answers tonight or tomorrow," says Winston Peters, who sits in the familiar position of kingmaker. Some 380,000 special votes are still to be counted. (Sep 24)

Expectations and pundits defied. And dogs. Lots of dogs. (Sep 24)

Bonus: Watch Simon Dallow interview Prime Minister Bill English and leader of the opposition Jacinda Ardern, prior to September 23.

Originally posted September 19.

Originally posted September 7.